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  Aylsham Parish Church launched this annual memorial lecture series in 2018 in celebration of centenary of Humphry Repton’s death.  The first three lectures have focused on different aspects Repton’s professional life: 

  •   2018: Prof Stephen Daniels Nottingham University, Repton remembered: approaches to the art landscape gardening in the bicentenary
  •   2019: Prof. Tom Williamson UEA, Humphry Repton and the Picturesque: arguing about landscape in Georgian England
  •   2021: Dr Sarah Spooner UEA, Humphry Repton in the Suburbs: the art of landscaping in urban environments

 This annual series of lectures, aims to keep fresh the legacy of Humphry Repton, by giving informed speakers the opportunity both to share current ideas about that legacy and also to focus both on the professional basis contemporary Georgian landscape and gardening practice and the social milieu in which they had their being.

Dr Heather Falvey

Dr Heather Falvey is tutor in Early Modern Social and Local History for the Institute of Continuing Education at the University of Cambridge and the Department for Continuing Education at the University of Oxford.  An early modern historian, Heather’s research work and teaching covers a wide field. Her PhD (University of Warwick) focussed on particular enclosure riots in seventeenth century England.  In 2013, she prepared a volume of late eighteenth century recipes:  The Receipt Book of Baroness Elizabeth Dimsdale, c.1800 (Hertfordshire Record Society, vol. XXVIII, 2013) details and contextualises.  Her other publications, equally cover a range of topics and interests across early modern social history. 

In 2020, Heather edited Repton Humphry and his Family: Correspondence, 1805-1816 (Norfolk Record Society Record Series v.84). This important social history of Repton’s wider life in Norfolk is based on her study of the Repton letters held at the Huntington Library, San Marino, California work undertaken during her tenure of a short-term scholarship there. Her lecture this evening draws both on the issues coming out of this research and writing. Heather will cover not only matters about Repton’s professional life and work, but also about his family life and the people he knew and socialised with in Aylsham and district. Based on extensive research, Heather is uniquely qualified to speak on this subject, which should be both fascinating and entertaining. 

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