Published by Andrew Beane on Fri, 15 Apr 2016 21:10

Cherishing Churchyards Week
Saturday 4th June – Sun 12th June 2016

Join us for a special week to celebrate churchyards and burial grounds and to raise awareness of the treasures they contain.
Churchyards are special places:

  • They often contain a rich diversity of plant and animal life.
  • They are important places for archaeology and history.
  • They often have distinctive and veteran trees.
  • The stonework and boundary walls provide a home for a mosaic of mosses, ferns and lichens.
  • They provide a tranquil place for quiet reflection.
  • They are a resource for inspiration and community learning.
  • Churchyards are often within walking distance of local communities and can provide a focus for community involvement.
Are you interested in celebrating your local churchyard or burial ground?
Examples of activities include:

  • For families: A quiz, a treasure hunt, a mini beast safari, tree bingo, letter or leaf rubbing, making gargoyles out of clay…
  • Open days: guided tours, slide talks, tower tours...
  • Volunteer activities: making compost areas, scything the grass, repairing the boundary walls, memorial recording, bramble clearing, nest box making, path clearing…
  • Workshops: dry stone walling, memorial safety and care, plant identification, animal identification, dawn chorus, geology, tree care, archaeology, creative writing, art, singing…

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