Published by Andrew Beane on Sun, 15 Oct 2017 18:04

Historic ‘Breeches Bible’ to be read as Churches commemorate the 500th anniversary of the reformation

500 years ago, this autumn, Martin Luther wrote his famous 95 theses in Wittenberg Germany. The Reformation movement which sprang from these statements shook Europe to its core, changed the face of Christianity and laid many of the foundations for modern society. To commemorate these momentous events worshipers from seven different churches in Aylsham have been invited to a special service at Aylsham Parish Church on Sunday 22nd October, 4pm.

The service will be built around music, readings and liturgy from the Reformation era and will draw upon the resources of numerous different Christian traditions before ending with a glass of wine and a chance to chat. One novel aspect of the service will be readings from Aylsham Parish Church’s 450 year old Geneva Bible, more often know as ‘The Breeches Bible’ because it describes Adam and Eve making themselves ‘breeches’. This rare Reformation treasure is an early English translation of the Bible dating from the reign of Queen Mary.

Revd Jack Branford, Curate of the Aylsham Team of Churches said:

“The Reformation movement has helped to shape the ways we all think, talk and live today. There was a great deal of good to come from the Reformation but it has also left many scars in society and in our churches. By worshipping together at this special event, the churches in Aylsham are seeking to honour both the positives and the pain of the past; yet at the same time we are moving forward together celebrating our common friendship and faith. Please do join us if you can.”

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