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Aylsham Church is launching the Aylsham Coronavirus Community Helpline with our partners in the town.  If you are self-isolating our wonderful community is here to help.  Please ring the helpline if you need:

- A friendly phone call

- Mail Posted

- Urgent supplies

- Someone to pick up shopping

Your call will be answered by one of the community organisations in Aylsham, and they will put you in contact with a volunteer who can help at this difficult time.

March 24 at 7:47 AM

Aylsham Coronavirus Community Helpline Update

We launched the helpline a week ago today and we have received over seventy requests to date.

Our amazing volunteers have been asked to deliver dozens of medical prescriptions; a few emergency Foodbank packages and other supplies for isolating families in need. Sometimes people have just needed a friendly chat and our team have been there for that too.

Thanks so much to Aylsham and District Care Trust, Aylsham Town Council, Aylsham Community First Responders and the hundreds of individual volunteers from our fantastic community who have offered their time.

Thankfully at the moment we are still in the position where we have far more willing volunteers than calls to respond to, but if you have volunteered please remember that this is a marathon not a sprint, and we may need you in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, stay at home if possible and please do look after your families, neighbours and friends where you can safely.

Thanks so much - this just proves once again what a terrific town Aylsham is.

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