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Wishing you a joy-filled and peaceful Christmas from everyone at Aylsham Parish

Click here to see and hear Day Twenty Four Thursday 24th December

This year every Aylsham primary pupil received a copy of the children’s book 'It Begins in Bethlehem – A Nativity Rhyme for Christmastime' as a Christmas gift from the 7 Churches Together in Aylsham. It tells the story of the greatest gift of all - a tiny baby named Jesus. A new life for now. A new life forever.
Wishing you and your family a very happy and peaceful Christmas!

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'What can I give him, as poor as I am?'

We are now tantalizingly close to THE special day, so we think about what love and support we can offer others. Whoever we are, rich or poor, old or young we can all give something.

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Day 22 of our Advent calendar is brought to you by the brilliant Blue Notes teenage choir. As we travel towards the end of our Advent journey, our anticipation and the sense of excitement builds. How will you share the joy of the Christmas story with others?

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Last year we welcomed around 500 people to our beautiful candlelit carol service. This year our service was just as special, but rather different - pre-recorded and streamed to our Facebook page. How did the birth of a tiny baby in a manger over 2,000 years ago bring such change to our world today?
Thank you to our wonderful choir at Aylsham Parish Church and to Harry Macey, Organist and Choir Director.

Click here to see and hear Day Twenty Sunday 20th December

Today is the fourth Sunday of Advent where our young people share the joy of the Chrismas story in their nativity performance. How will you share the joy of the Christmas story with others this week?

See some memories from last year's nativity.

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How will you share the joy of the Christmas story with others this week?

Today we're sharing a Christmas story poem read by Esmé and Kasota from our Sunday Club.

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Today our schools break up for the Christmas holidays ?As you celebrate in school today, enjoy wearing your festive jumpers and have fun at your Christmas parties - and we wish you a very happy Christmas!

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A highlight in our Advent calendar every year is the hugely popular Rotary Club of Aylsham Community Carol Concert - a joyful community event where choirs from across Aylsham come together on this day at Aylsham Parish Church. Sadly, like so many events, this can not be held this year, but here are some memories from 2019.

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In the busyness of today and as we continue to prepare for Christmas, we think about the Wise Men and their long journey to find a king, with just a star as their guide.

How would you welcome a King?

Click here to see and hear Day Fifteen Tuesday 15th December 2020

Have you ever looked at the stars at night to find the brightest star? Have you ever wondered at the enormity of the universe? Wherever we are on this planet, wherever we are on life's journey, we all live beneath the same stars. Whether rich or poor, young or old, born in a palace or a stable, the stars continue to shine reminding us of the everlasting light.

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Today we're thinking of the shepherds who lived on the fringes of society.
Who do we pass by in our world today? Make today the day you do a good deed. Perhaps donate to the Foodbank, supporting those in most need in our community.

Here three shepherds from our Sunday Club see for themselves the good news they had been told about.

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Christingle is a joyful, hope-filled celebration of Jesus, the Light of the World, that takes place around Christmas. This year our special Christingle services will be a little different. We have provided our primary age children in Aylsham with a Christingle pack, together with a recorded assembly, to complete in their classrooms. There were also 50 community packs available from Aylsham Parish Church.

Click here to see and hear Day Twelve Saturday 12th December 2020

Every year we welcome a host of families to our special Elf Workshop - where lots of little elves get to make special gifts for special people!

Keep a look out for our Christmas activity packs next week!

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What does Christmas mean to you? It means so many things to so many people. This is what Christmas means to Meg from our Sunday Club.

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Today, as we travel through Advent, we take a moment to think about those who are homeless, in need or who have lost their way. This time of year can be especially difficult.

Whilst listening to this poem we also think of a young couple seeking shelter in a place where there is no room.

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Let your LIGHT shine! How can you shine your light today? Who will you help, how can you offer peace to others? Shine brightly and be the difference you want to see in the world.

Here is the Little Stars choir shining brightly at a Vocalights concert - singing a favourite festive song

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Often a journey is as important as the destination. As we journey through Advent what wonder will we discover along the way?

We are unable to make our annual journey to Bethlehem this year with our local infants, but here are a few memories from last year's journey.

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Angels are all around us, but are not always obvious. However, they can appear at the most unexpected moments in the most unexpected places - even muddy fields! Take a moment to consider the good in your life, in others and all around you. What will you find?

Here are some angels discovered on our Journey to Bethlehem last year.

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Today is the second Sunday of Advent and also St Nicholas Day - the third-century saint who became an inspiration for the modern day Father Christmas.
St. Nicholas dedicated his whole life transforming the lives of those in need and is known for selling all his possessions and giving his money away.

Here are some memories from last year when our First Steps Baby & Toddler Cafe received a special visitor!

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Today we think of all the charitable organisations who need our support - more so than ever at the present time. Our annual Christmas Tree Festival, usually held at this time, is hugely popular with thousands of people visiting to view the beautifully decorated trees in aid of over 40 local, national and international charities. Why not take a moment to stop and think about those in need and what we can do to make a difference this Advent?
Thank you to the wonderful Blue Notes Choir for the recording of ‘Underneath the Tree’.

Click here to see and hear Day Four 4th December 2020 click here

As we travel on our Advent journey, today we think about the things that make us feel ready for Christmas. For Henri, it has to be watching Polar Express - a film about a boy who learns the true meaning of Christmas when he takes a train ride to the North Pole! What helps you to get ready for Christmas?

Click here to see and hear Day Three 3rd December 2020 - Click here

As we get ready to celebrate Christmas, we remember those who are no longer with us. This time of year can be difficult for some and it can help to take a moment to pause and remember.

You are welcome to write a message for a loved one on a star and hang it on the big Christmas tree at Aylsham Parish Church

Click here to see and hear Day Two 2nd December 2020 - Click here

The beginning of Advent would usually mark our community Christmas Tree Festival - where the church is filled with beautifully decorated trees for a range of local charities. Since we are unable to hold the event this year, thank you to James and Poppy for decorating the church Christmas trees this year.

Click here to see and hear Day One - 1st December 2020

Today marks the beginning of Advent - a time of excited expectation and busy preparation, but it is also a time to take a moment out of our hectic schedules to think about what we are getting ready to celebrate.

Here Finn gives his thoughts on Advent in a brilliant acrostic poem!

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