Published by Valerie Root on Sun, 14 Mar 2021 10:44


for all the lovely Mothering Sunday Cards that have gone out to people in Aylsham this week-end.
Children from Sunday Club, St Michael's School, 1st Aylsham Cub Scouts, Badersfield Messy Church you have made a lot of people smile. Here is one message received today..

"Thank you so much for the delightful cards which you have made. Like many mothers and grandmothers all over the country, I will not be able to see my children and grandchildren because of the pandemic, and so it was a lovely surprise for all of us to whom you sent cards. I am enjoying the colourful and cheerful picture of the teapot and my husband has promised to use the tea bag to make me a special cup of tea of Mothers' Day. Your kind thoughts and hard work are very much appreciated. My thanks to you, as well to your hard working leaders, for all your efforts to keep this day as a special day for us"

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