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Saturday, 13 July 2019 10:00 - 11:00

Ladies come and enjoy a day of fellowship, fun & worship on Saturday July 13th, 2019 (10am - 4.15pm). A day to inspire your spiritual potential.

You will be able to take part in three different workshops including:

Creative Textiles; Drama; Exploring Prayer; Embodied Awareness; Exploring Prayer; Forest Church;  Singing; details below.

The day will begin with a group activity to set the mood. From then on it is up to you what you do - there are facilitators for each of the themes listed above (choosing will need to be done in advance so the resources are available). This day is about us and for us, empowering each of us in different ways as we embark on another step in our own unique journey of life.

The venue is the Horstead Centre, NR12 7EP. Our own Diocesan activity Centre set in the Old Rectory will provide us with marvellous resources for the workshop activities. There will also be opportunities to wander around the grounds, along the riverbank or to simply take time out in the peacefulness of All Saint's Church or the prayer space inside the Centre.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


Workshop descriptions:

Creative Textiles

Take a little time out to play, to create and find out ‘what if’. The workshop will allow you to see fabric transformed from a simple surface to an exciting colourful jewel. Using a choice of threads, material cut, frayed, snipped and even sweet papers, you will be making a colourful bonded sandwich. Colour can energise us but can also bring a sense of peace and calm allowing one to be immersed into another space if only for a short time.


Have you ever been asked to speak in public and said no because you don’t feel confident enough…or said yes and then spent weeks dreading it? Well on this day for empowering women our Drama workshop will give help and encouragement with voice production, preparation and exploring why some nerves are actually a good thing! Please bring along a favourite poem or the lyrics to a song (no more than 100 words) to practice with.

Ever thought about being a film or TV extra? Ever watched a Commercial and thought you could do that? Linda Southgate, a local actress and teacher, will share what being a film or TV extra is all about…how to apply and prepare for an audition…and what to expect if you land a part.

Embodied Awareness

An invitation to explore the fullness of your human being through simple and spacious embodied awareness explorations. Taking your own time, exploring through the foundations of breath and ground, you will have a chance to further tune in to what you need and what you trust. The physical, emotional, intuitive, spiritual perhaps ... flows and resistances perhaps. Rest, energy, meaning perhaps. All parts welcomed, all parts of human being. 

Exploring Prayer

Prayer is a conversation with God.  It can be done anywhere and in lots of different ways.  We will be exploring prayer in creative ways including the labyrinth, lectio divina, & prayer stations.

 Forest Church

This workshop will be empowering you to stop, breath in the fresh country air and steady yourself in nature.  To find the Divine in the natural world around us. Forest Church is a refreshing way to explore your sense of spirituality and worship God in His beautiful creation, while making wild art and discovering your inner playfulness.


Claire Devitt (Claire Lawrence) a local singing specialist with a wealth of teaching experience in directing choirs and singing tuition will lead the singing workshop. She has a passion for making people smile through singing and in helping people discover their own singing potential.  Songs will include uplifting music from different cultures from around the world and you will learn to sing in a very basic 2 or 3 part harmony. The session will be relaxed and fun. Singing strengthens the immune system, improves posture, helps with sleep, calms and controls your breathing, is a natural anti-depressant and can improve mental alertness.


Deb Cousins, Liz Dawes, Kandi Kammoun, & Fiona Tibbitt
Horstead Centre, Rectory Road 35, NR12 7EP Horstead, United Kingdom
£10.00 per person to include all refreshments and your choice of 3 workshops.