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Welcome to Little Barningham Parish Church

Little Barningham, St Andrew


Sunday Services

1st Sunday - No service

2nd Sunday - 09:30 am Holy Communion

3rd Sunday - No service

4th Sunday - 09:30 am Holy Communion

For details of the 5th Sunday services in this group, please contact The Reverend Tony Lynn

Church Warden - Sally Carlston

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Climb the rather steep slope to reach St. Andrew’s, Little Barningham. A simple, open, light church, almost like a chapel. There is one large box pew, and, interestingly enough, the large wooden figure of a skeleton in a shroud, holding a scythe and an hour glass. This is Death himself, with the inscription As you are now so once was I. Remember Death, for ye must die. This apart, both church and Village are quiet and welcoming. At the back of the church, you may well find refreshments.

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